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Interior Interior - for use inside buildings
Exterior Exterior - for use on building facades
Roof Roof - for use as roof coatings
TankTank - for use as tank coatings
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THERMO TREND is a new generation of coatings, their manufacture utilizes technologies used in the aerospace industry. Difficult conditions of the outer space i.e. high fluctuation of temperature between extreme cold and sweltering heat have given rise to coatings which provide protection for the space shuttles from the destructive impact of such conditions.

Basing on those experiences there were made paints which allow to partially protect painted surfaces from overheating or excessive heat.
The reflection of approx. 90% of the sunlight energy makes it possible for the coated surface to be protected against overheating and destructive impact of the solar radiation which substantially extends the service life of roof coatings and those facades where heating is the main reason for damages.

Through their chemical composition the coatings show high durability, flexibility and vapour permeability. Such a combination of properties makes THERMO TREND coatings a perfect solution for use in residential housing, commercial and industrial buildings. Thanks to their numerous advantages, the painting costs are returned very quickly through energy savings and extended durability.